For your certainty: Nm measurements on real case

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Do you have in your production glands which must be treated in accordance with VDI 2230, sheet 2?

To get clear about your fittings, we offer measurements on the original to screw

ST Wrench II

This involves 5 measurements on the original component graph with a measurement protocol and screw.

Measuring equipment: Atlas Copco ST Wrench

Measuring range: 5 – 600 Nm

Traceability of measuring instruments in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, assignable ensured by the accredited calibration laboratory DAkkS DK-17447-01.


We need from you: 5 original components and screws, possibly vice for fixing against Rotation.

You get in return: The certainty about your actually introduced torques. Highest quality of the fittings and protection against errors and their consequences.

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