Field Service

Field Service

Field ServiceTo ensure a consistently high production quality, users need efficient and reliable tools. The necessary maintenance and inspection work lead our experienced staff directly at your location, whether in your business or directly to one of your sites, from.

Minimize your machine downtime – use our Field Service!

We provide inter alia following work at your place of:

  • Examination of winches, lifting and pulling BGV D8
  • Examination of lifting / slings to BGR 500 (VBG 9a)
  • Examination of hand guided power tools in accordance BGV A3/GUV 2.10 VDE 0701/0702
  • Examination of PSA (personal protective equipment against falls) according BGR 198/199
  • Testing torque tools according DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Testing of ladders and steps in accordance BGI 694 (BGV D36)
  • Testing as pallet trucks BGV D27
  • Examination of hydraulic hose assemblies BGR 237
  • Testing as head of Protect BGR 193
  • Testing of persons receiving funds under raisable BGG 922
  • Maintenance and on-site service to specified pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and lifting tools.
  • Process optimization of their existing tools
  • dynamic measurement / calibration of torque controlled pneumatic and electric assembly tools
  • Maintenance of your stationary compressors
  • Tests according to their factory defaults

Equipment for mobile testing:

  • mobiler Prüfstand

  • SecuStar FM

  • Acta 3000 Testwagen