Acta 3000 Testwagen

Acta 3000

With the help of our measuring equipment (Acta 3000 and Torque Tester ST 100 M), we are always in a position to determine the Schraubleistung each rotation screwdriver, impact screwdriver, wrench, angle, etc. and analyze. Basis of various test Schraubverbände different hardnesses we can measure your assembly tools to the desired torque. All measured values are documented protocol over a Dress

Upon request we offer this service (after technical clarification) Also on site.

In addition, we have with the PC software Tools Talk ACTA has a complete database tool that provides all the information you should know about your tools:

Torque Tester ST 100 M

Torque Tester ST 100 M

  • calibration
  • maintenance data
  • Specific charts on connections or tools
  • application analysis
  • general information about the tool

We take on the desired monitor and plan your maintenance and calibration dates.


Accurate Screw requires accurate tools.

We recommend an annual calibration.

For repairs, maintenance and servicing we have a specialist workshop in Bochum. Send your tools to maintain or complete overhaul just to the Druweko GmbH.

Our RapidTorc technicians meticulously examine each individual component and create a detailed report on the work required.

Quality control processes avoid errors. You get your tools in good working condition.