Work Platforms for tower and rotor blade Befahrung. For short periods of downtime!

Customized access for inspection, maintenance and repairs.RBB Druweko

Repair of rotor blade Service Lifts across all brands, to the “royal class – UVM 10” by Druweko GmbH!


UVM 10

product Description

The rotor blade service lift consists of three main functional groups   RBB in Betrieb

and is complete as aluminum construction


    • Two asymmetrically designed platform halves, which are composed so that an opening in the center is formed. Both halves can be moved electrically and adjust to the changing contours of the rotor blade.
    • A closed timber-supporting frame, with laterally arranged trapezia in which the winches parallelograms with winches (tirak X1030 P) and stop block (BSO 1030) are grown. The position of the winds parallelograms can be converted to different leaf types. In addition, the inclination of the parallelograms adjusted (using lever moves), and so the stage focus to be adjusted.
    • An electrically extensible framework impression with swivel and adjustable pinch elements.

working conditions:

    • The rotor blades have to be fixed in the “pitch” position, the hub must be locked, that the rotor blade pointing straight downwards
    • temperature Range: -10°C +50°C;
    • max. wind speed: 12,5 m/s (d.h. 45 km/h)


The transport of the rotor blade takes place on a service lift

Special trailer. The trailer is laying Zentrierungshaltern

Load safety and auxiliary winches for positioning the

Platform equipped.