1971 Establishing the pneumatic distribution GmbH

1975 upplier for repair hand tools of individual mining companies

1986 Moving from Essen to Bochum

1987 Construction of the first own office building

1988 Moving to Flottmannstr 24, 44807 Bochum

1989 Renamed compressed air and hydraulic distribution GmbH

1994 Ingersoll-Rand business for Ruhrkohle Lower Rhine / Westphalia

1995 First repairs for the chemical and construction industries

1997 Renamed in Druweko Handwerk und Dienstleistungen GmbH

1997 First certification according to DIN EN ISO 9002:1994

2001 Change in management

2002 Foundation of Deilmann-Haniel-Druweko Baulogistik GmbH

2003 Beginning of the “partnership in productivity” with Atlas Copco Tools Central Europe GmbH

2005 Mr. Marco Radermacher is the sole managing partner

2006 Contractors for Germany for Pfaff-silberblau, Benelux Simplex hydraulic products

2007 Foundation of Karl Hamacher Vertriebs GmbH

2007 Acquisition of services for Hitachi products – Hitachi Power Dealer

2009 Increase the curtilage of approximately 11000 m²
Access to the main road B51
New postal address: Herner Strasse 470

2011 First Asia-site contract

2012 First repair of a rotor blade service lift

2013 Mr. Michael Koitka is additional managing partner