Portable endless winches for each pitch. Lightweight, compact and reliable!

For material and personnel transport. For lifting, pulling and “rope drive”. Carrying capacity of 300 kg to 3 t.

tirak mobile winches

The crane spare. Saves space, weight and cost!

The ideal hoist for frequently changing site. Moves in any direction. With cable lengths up to 500 m. Carrying capacity of 300 kg to 3 t.



How does a wind Tirak?

T – series has two superposed drive pulleys.

The rope is in S – out the form to the drive pulleys.


  • Train in both directions
  • pendulum
  • horizontal drafting equipment



The X – Series includes a drive pulley.

The traction of the rope to the drive pulley is carried out by two spring-loaded pressure rollers.


  • smaller
  • easier
  • fewer parts to wear
  • reduced maintenance



The L – Series also has a drive pulley.

The pressure of the rope is a roller.
X 500 payload 500 kg, 41 kg
L 500 payload 500 kg, 29 kg


  • Weight saving approx 29,5 %