As one of the largest providers of maintenance services for

  • Air Tools
  • hoists
  • Power Tools
  • hydraulics components

DRUWEKO GmbH in Germany the quality is required. Reliability, quality and competence are essential elements of our corporate identity. This is especially true for every single employee who are the guarantors of our market success.

DRUWEKO wants in the market have the image of a reputable and customer-oriented service company. Key measures for strengthening this goal are:

  • The consequent increase in the quality of staff through appropriate training.
  • Offering a comprehensive service in all regions and a unified management package and consistently good service.
  • The certification of the service in accordance with DIN EN ISO standard as an outward sign of the quality of practice.

The following applies to our company: successes begin in humans, with our employees. Your optimal motivation and attitude leads to best power generation and the corresponding results. Therefore, both education and training and equipment with modern work tools and information about corporate goals for us essential.

Our mission is our guiding philosophy again: „It is characterized by respect for all employees and their individuality. For our decentralized management with the delegation of tasks and responsibilities honesty, straightforwardness, loyalty and predictability are fundamental principles. Lead by example happens.“

Our employees are our most important asset. Only with you, we reach our ultimate goal of customer orientation.

To our customers, we hereby commit ourselves to the quality of all our services. The expectations and requirements of our customers, we face at all times.

The construction of this quality management system to bring us even closer to our goals. More than ever, quality has the supreme maxim of action, yes to self-realization. This is how we actively responds to the challenge of the market of the future. Toward this goal are now placed. Let us use the opportunities and the risks we encounter with imagination and entrepreneurial judgment.